I host “The Soul Reader,” which is a live 30–60-minute show that occurs every Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern.  Each episode utilizes my gifts as a natural born psychic empath, and I give free readings to my audience. I focus on a person’s soul, who they truly are. I have passively been giving readings and helping people with their personal concerns for more than 30 years. The type of style I use in all readings is conversational, simple, open, and safe, like sitting on a couch just hanging out. I can also connect to audience members’ loved ones on the other side. All are welcome to listen and engage in the show. My goal is to help the audience heal and love themselves and others.

Click on “Details” to see the show description and to gain access to the playlist of previous episodes. 

10 responses to “The Soul Reader Video Podcast (Vodcast)”

  1. Charlie Perry Avatar
    Charlie Perry

    What is happening to “I’m Right I’m Right”? Did someone admit they were wrong and quit?

    1. know2bstillstg Avatar

      Lol! That show returns next month. We wanted to make sure this show ran smoothly first. And we both still think we’re right. Lol!

  2. Elaine Alexander Avatar
    Elaine Alexander

    So thrilled that you are back on the air.

    1. know2bstillstg Avatar

      Thanks for all your support, Elaine. I appreciate it.

  3. Belinda & TD Avatar
    Belinda & TD

    Great show. Wow so much to sit with here.

    1. know2bstillstg Avatar

      Thank you for being here tonight and for your love and support. We love you all.

  4. Melanie Avatar

    So excited to watch the new show live!

    1. know2bstillstg Avatar

      We’re excited that you’re watching us live. Yay!

  5. JCC Avatar

    Looking forward to the relaunch of your show.

    1. Anthony Avatar

      Thanks! We’re setting a date soon. Stay tuned.

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